May statement says I got my BAT

The Brave browser says I got paid my BAT for May, 2020. However, I see I have a 0 balance of BAT in my Brave Wallet. I am Uphold verified, just want to make sure the money is not lost and is going to Uphold automatically.

I know before I went through the ordeal of getting verified on Uphold I had to manually move a Brave icon into a circle, square, etc… to receive funds. Now, it seems like they vanished. They’re not in the Brave wallet and they’re not in Uphold. Are they being tallied, transferred? What is the status? How can I track where they have gone?

Brave Version 1.9.76:

Thank you.

At least two people on this forum are having this issue, can we get a reply from someone at or with Brave please?

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