May rewards payment

I have uphold verifyed and i wait May payment buy in my uphold account don’t apparire ant translation why?

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patience, rewards are still processing.


Hi tnk for your reply. Are u sure? When i receive it?

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Do you see this image at the top of the page?

pay attention to this, as it shows where Brave is at in paying people out. You have uphold, which is still processing. If you don’t have it in the next 4-5 days, reach out to a moderator like @steeven

Yes i saw it, but in this immage i see uphold processing and i don’t receive any bat

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Yep, it’s processing so you won’t have received it yet. Payments typically take 4-5 days, processing means payments are incomplete.

Ohhh ok, well i only wait?

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Yeah wait until June 13-14, if you have not received your payment by then I recommend messaging a moderator.

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Tranks i appreciate it

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