May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors

For users with verified wallets, that’s how the system works. Unfortunately, verification is not yet available on iOS (coming soon to Android, though). Apologies for the inconvenience; we’re investigating remaining issues.

Apologies for the delayed response(s), @Tidjy. Our team is working to assist every user who experiences an issue. Given the size of our community, and team, this unfortunately means you will at times not receive an instant response. We’re working hard to take care of your issue, and thank you for your patience.

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Pending rewards are paid out at the start of each month; if you’re seeing a pending balance, you should also see the date those tokens will be issued. I hope this helps!

Please check PM @sampson

Android brave just updated to 1.8.112, i was now able to “claim” and the button has gone away however i got zero BAT actually credited

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Android brave just updated to 1.8.112 for me too. still no BAT at all.

Brave Browser for Windows not BAT either still…

Hi, I am posting here as well because all of my BAT have disappeared from my mobile brave browser. My balance is now showing as 0.0 and has been for several days now

Please can someone tell me what info they need to restore my balance.


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I’ve updated my Desktop to 1.9.72 and my BATS claimed con may still not appearing

I DM to @steeven and @sampson with my internals, anyone could help me?

Thanks for your work.


Why was the total number of ads reset even though it was a week? also my lost balance with android 1.8.112 update is also not back? @steeven @sampson

What your mean? Payment on may not sent to uphold. You say paid each start month? This joke?

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And i still waiting update for 19 days. And still payment not sent uphold.


Still waiting for fix lost 197 bat

Just a post, for me, everything is fixed, IOS for 2 days, and Uphold payement sent few hours ago.
Thanks Team.

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My claim just fails every time on my iPhone :disappointed:

I’m on the latest version of the app

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It has now been 3 weeks, the April payout has still not landed in my Android browser. The number of ads viewed reset on the 5th implying the payout had occurred but my balance has not changed. I am running the latest browser 1.8.112. Is there any update for those who simply have not recieved the payout?

I’m still having issues claiming my April rewards on iPad Pro 2019 running iPad OS 13.5. It’s been this way since May 5th. The error message is and I quote,” Error: Something went wrong. Please try again.” It shows the same error message every time I try to claim.


In additional to running the latest version of the browser available, 1.16.2.

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iPad and iphone updated and still no change, come on Brave this situation is making you look really bad now. I love the browser and the concept but this is like windows 98 all over again :rofl:


the same thing is happening to me, and it’s been three months since I got anything, until there is something on the day that tells me to request the withdrawal, and when I do the BATs disappear, but NOTHING is transferred to my account.