May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors

I am unsure what to think with Brave being a new browser, who knows their is many issues and areas I could see that they need to improve on.

I have account not receive payment. Pls check payment again

I have currently confirmed the bonus numbers but so far I have not received any payment from you. Please check it for me

@Asad I have currently confirmed the bonus numbers but so far I have not received any payment from you. Please check it for me

Updated to latest brave version Android. 8 guess no one received their ads reward for may still not yet.

It’s a easily solvable bug if it is. Yet brave team does not adress it

I tried to report the issue I faced and it has been many days since I posted it no one saw it so I think I have to put a post of it on my blog. I want you all to take a look at issue:

Why this happened again I lost my bats >

I just downloaded the update myself, and have not recieved my BAT for last month either


Also in the new update the claim button keeps on loading or don’t appear at all…


I just verified my uphold account, that was linked to the BAT rewards for a few months now. I was quite worried to see a 0 balance on the BAT wallet whereas my BAT browser is showing a 230 BAT balance. Could you tell my how to get that 230BAT balance to show on my wallet?

If the program is showing this balance it means it is linked to a wallet somewhere right? If I receive monthly statements, it means that that wallet, wherever it is, is mine right?

From where, which version, what OS ?
My Google play didn’t push update yet.

We all have to wait for the following versions:

1.18.1 Android
1.16.1 iOS
1.9 Desktop

It’s ALL explained if you read this topic from start…
Or middle :rofl: -

:black_heart: & don’t worry…

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Thanks to the entire Brave community for their work.
I have been a few days with the incidence of unverified profiles.
Today when I opened Brave in my Android mobile, the BAT balance that I had accumulated in my wallet disappeared.
Will I be able to recover the lost balance?


Maybe it says 0⃣ but click on Grants.
It’s there (minus May 5th payment), isn’t it?

It happened to me too, on update to version 1.8.93 (Android)

@Marco yesterday I had 35 BAT in my wallet but today it appears at 0. Attached image.

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I fully understand, @danidpch1 (same here; similar screenshot) :+1:

I’m just saying that I think your/mine BAT isn’t lost… It’s there, listed as past earnings (grants or concesiones in your local lang.)

From some reason it just isn’t… summed

Bonjour et désolé d avance d’écrire en français mais je n ai pas le temps d’utiliser les outils de traduction.
Mais je trouvent incompréhensible que le version de brave d’android ne sois pas reliée au compte uphold comme la version Windows. Je devrais recevoir une trentaine de BAT que j ai accumulé avec mon smartphone car je travaille avec . Et la question que je souhaiterai avoir une réponse c’est : comment récupérer les bat que j ai accumulé et allons nous pour toute les personnes qui l’utilise sous android allons nous être dédommagé ?

I updated the latest version 1.8.93 Android today. But still not get the claim button.

I thought the halving only meant the reward for mining halved, the actual value of a Bitcoin does not halve.

Tu te cree une chaine you tube et tu te les envoie sur Uphold a l’aide de brave creator. Et tu recuperes tout.

Hi now i install New update but i dont have my april BAT is it normal ?