May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors

Soo i have the same problem here? i am still in queue?

Still waiting. I hope all bat on broswer can sent to uphold

Hola buen dia, saludos, esperamos que logren resolver esos problemas, ya van 2 meses en mi caso que solo he logrado cobrar una minima cantidad de BAT y el resto me queda alli en “RECOMPENSAS PENDIENTES ESTIMADAS”, por ejemplo si tengo 100 BAT por X cantidad Anuncios Recibidos, solo me pagan 10 BAT y me quedadn 90 BAT pendientes y siguen acumulandose. Y por otra parte queremos saber que ha pasado con los anunciantes para Venezuela, que no han colocado mas publicidad.

Bueno me despido, esperando que se logren resolver todos estos problemas.



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Hey guys got 23.4 BAT in my wallet and have a further 29.2 BAT still “pending” (haven’t seen a reward paid for the past 4 months) any clues?? Not using uphold just BAT wallet. Any info appreciated. Regards R063R.![Pending BAT not paid again

Hello, What is the latest update as I am unsure if I need to download an updated web browser etc. Please see the attached screenshot - my understanding is that many people are experiencing this.
Should I simply wait or do I need to download new software. The only thing is, those who downloaded are also reporting that by doing so, even when theyve made the checks that they are viable to do so, are still loosing BAT despite this advise?

Im confused - and I recommend that daily updates will be a decent communicative skillset for users to remain engaged. I think a lot of people are open to the browser being new, and welcome its challenges as it develops. But communication even if its to say that teams are still working through the same thing will be helpful

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Just be a little patient. Patient pays

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No. They will roll out an update to fix the errors


Yeah, but they titled that bug as “resolved”. I dont see any new version or fix. The only argument is that “payouts are being processed”. I just doubt that because I’m waiting since 4 days. There are no 4 billion Brave installations. Sorry guys, one more day or I’m back on something stable without stressing me that hard.

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Just one question thought, Could I try to request my BAT on IPAD or should I wait for the fix to come? As I already have issue with Android I may just keep it on side till the update come.

I just got my publisher payout this morning but waiting to claim my Android ads so am also waiting like u do. Let give them the time. They always deliver on their Promise.

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The weekends don’t usually show up much, so we may not have many answers until Monday. Let’s be strong!

My payment has already reached uphold, thanks for all the effort you are making to solve it.

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they paid you in your browser wallet and uphold?

Can you tell me when the payment will end for click Ads on PC?
I still haven’t received the payment despite the claim

I have not been paid a penny in over 10 months now. I hear the same thing all the time we are fixing it. They are not fixing anything.

I have been waiting to receive anything of my BAT rewards for over 10 months now. My Uphold is verified and my accounts are connected. This is what I have owing and every month goes by and I build up more BAT NEVER TO RECEIVE IT.

This is a joke my server still says you are working on the problem but the problem never gets fixed.

470.9 BAT

86.41 USD


23.0 BAT earned from ads

38.0 BAT earned from ads

30.3 BAT earned from ads

30.8 BAT earned from ads

11.3 BAT earned from ads

34.5 BAT earned from ads

16.3 BAT earned from ads

14.8 BAT earned from ads

29.5 BAT earned from ads

26.0 BAT earned from ads

25.5 BAT earned from ads

29.3 BAT earned from ads

Add Funds

Withdraw Funds

That’s not including May 5th payment which was another 25.1 Bat so really I am owed around $90.

As I said I have never been paid any BAT to my Uphold Account and I have been using Brave for around a year now. Still no payment.


Please wait a bit and I Know you will be attended to, or you can email them or try to chat with one of the admins. @steeven @Asad

I have been in contact with these guys for months now. I have on several occassions posted on here with no help.

I have been super patient but now I have just turned the rewards off. Silly waste of time. I wonder who is actually collecting our BAT?

As I stated it has been almost a year now with no help.

Sorry to rant but this is just plain silly.


I had arownd : 40 - 50 BAT and i press the button to send them to my UPhold wallet .
I only recive 0.5 BAT , what’s going on ? will i ever gonna recive that BAT back?
My uphold account is verified .
Thank you

@Steven_Smith - I’m not seeing a DM from you. Please try re-sending to me and @Asad. Thanks!