May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors

Dear Brave
I have Not received any Bat Tokens Via your rewards program for the last 2 months i claim my rewards on the 5th of every month But once i click the claim button i receive an error and the claim button disappears for good, with balance unchanged? can i have some help with this as i am worried i will not receive my bat. As i waited to receive my Bat from Last month but it never showed up in my balance on the browser wallet? So no BAT for 2 Months

I am also experiencing the same issue. I’m using brave on my Samsung s10. I clicked on “claim” for last months earnings (around 27 or so BAT) and they never went to my wallet. I still have a zero balance and my earnings reset for the next month. It’s been several days now and still nothing. This is pretty frustrating and until this issue is resolved, participating in the brave rewards program seem like a waste of time.

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Same as the 3 posts above me… are these BAT still in the que because it looks like they have vanished at my end

I´m using Uphold wallet and I was impacted. I have two browsers (one from my desktop and one from my mobile). I only received the BAT from my mobile browser (to my uphold account) my desktop browser turn into “0” after May 5…

Hey @steeven,

Could you look into why I have’t recieved my BAT couple of months.

Hi @jzfgo - so the android and iOS part makes sense, the top post explains the related issues there, and desktop payments are still rolling out.

Hi @jacobgonzales - the fix is not yet in for iOS.

Hi @MrBatMan - please DM me and @Asad your Rewards Internals. Thanks!

@steeven Can you please check my DM i need some help regarding Brave Ads.


Hi @PRC13 @Cammomac - you will be able to claim your BAT once we release a new version of the mobile browsers as stated in the original post.

@Fedulo desktop payments are still processing.

@Capatinruss please DM me and @Asad your Rewards Internals.

Hey @steeven I have DM my Rewards Internals yesterday and can send you today as well. I want to check where some issue is with my account or not. Is any payment going to be rolled out for my account as my BAT dropped from 9 to 6 on May 5th and they are not yet in my Uphlold account

Hi @ireemasingh - not seeing a DM - will message you.

Hi Steven,

Thanks for replying my comment in email. Its not hard for me now. I
would like to ask one last question. I updated my brave browser it
play store. I would like to ask if it can affect my lost BAT ? or it
can still be recover ?

Again thanks,

Hi @steveen a question. Have you already processed all payments brave asd from desktop pc??

@ragr28 - they are still processing.

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Thanks Steven and this will be noted. If ever that my BAT will be recover I will inform you here but as now I will just patiently waiting. :slightly_smiling_face:

I see so this is what happened to my wallet. Anyway I already posted my concern and sorry about that. I just read this post after posting it.

@steeven Feeling little ignored about my DM can you check mine please.