May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors

You must be a active Brave User and Clicking AD’s to receive BAT’s…
The Bonuses are optional…
I received no bonus, too… But i’m earning with Clicking AD’s and as Publisher with my Website, Github Account, Youtube… That’s enough for me… I don’t wait for Bonus…

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Hello there! I have updated to the new version, and now I can send my bats to verify website, but the first problem remains. I can’t claim the bats I earn. What should I do?

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Hello Sir,

I am really not satisfied with your platform, I lost BATS, I sponsor a few people and my rewards are incomplete, you send me micro payments. If this continues, I will uninstall and make bad publicity for you! I don’t work for free finding people! We strive to contribute for you and a payment from your system is not even done.
I will soon leave the boat, by the way for the moment I am not sponsoring anyone until this is resolved!

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hello there,

unfortunately a couple of days ago my brave browser stopped working completely, when attempting to open the browser it would flash open then close immediately.

after several restarts and troubleshoots i had to give in and re-install - im pretty pissed about losing my progress… is there any way i can get that back???

And whats about my lost BAT after reinstall browser? I got 16,8 BAT but the clail button wasnt there, i have install update but still same and all verified creators i know was show as non verified so i have need reinstall and now it shows all correct but my BAT are gone.

Desktop user [Version 1.8.96 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138]

May payout hung up in error, option to claim disappeared.
Browser has since updated to version above.
Did not reinstall but updated through hamburger. (might have been mistake)
Balance shown appears to be correct pre-May payout.

Thanks Brave Team.

Before the update I had 150 BAT with May’s payment missing.

After the new Android brave 1.8.112 update, my wallet now only shows 35.2 BAT

Feels like I received the May payment but lost all previous payments…

Hello Brave Rewards Team

I have wallets on both Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) operating systems. My April rewards from my Windows wallet is deposited into my Uphold account. However, the balance of my Brave wallet on my Ubuntu operating system is still sitting in my wallet and is not deposited int my Uphold account.

Is there any known issue as to why my rewards in my Brave wallet on my computer with Linux (Ubuntu) OS is not deposited into my Uphold account?

My wallets are all verified in both OS and can access Uphold from both Brave wallets.
Do we have any known issues in transferring rewards from Brave wallets on computers with Linux OS to Uphold accounts?

Thank you for any advise or input you can provide.

Only one ad per day. Too bad, but what to do. I hope there will be more …

How it can show me wrong statements? It shows me my youtube and my website where the tips was send… it looks real…but now its cleared after write support…

Dear Brave Team,

I just wanted you to know that the latest version (1.8.96) didn’t gave back the May 5th ads rewards. (At least for me)
I am using Win10 and didn’t uninstall or do anything.



Seemed like all is fine to me as of now.
Version 1.8.112 (Android)

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Any update? Still didnt recoverd my bat

When can I expect to see the BAT amount in my Brave browser rewards be the same amount seen in my verified uphold account? Right now it only shows the funds I added from external wallet and does not show any of my claimed BAT that I have accumulated.

I only use one Brave browser on my windows desktop:
Brave is up to date
Version 1.8.96 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)

In my case, I contacted Brave team on this forum and by email but they never offered me a solution to my problem. I spent a whole month clicking on ads for nothing in the end.

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Any solution came for my case . I am talking about brave beta for android and not received my payment. @eljuno @sampson

Please Help!!!

All of my BAT are gone on my brave rewards. Please do help.
I lose all my possible rewards on my brave browser.


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Seems iPad OS still have issues as well. The last update didn’t fix the issue.
Any update on this?

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16 days conditions same

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@Sdsahu101 I updated my Beta from Play Store few days ago to 1.9.69 and now the correct balance is shown.

Like Sampson said in his replies above :point_up:, the new version’s works for most users. And some user still have the issue and the team is already working on it – to identify the issue and working on another fix.

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