May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors

I didn’t recieve the rewards after claiming and the pending rewards also my android. I updated the app but no use.

First, I hope things like this won’t happen ever again :wink:, because they slightly affect user’s trust in BAT. Trust is very important; Brave is based on trust, in a way. But! - I’m quite sure that nothings lost (no BAT is lost) & that Brave devs (team) will work hard on solving it, at their highest priority. :+1:

Secondly, I think that ability to use Uphold on mobile - Android&iOS versions of Brave - should have been coded/implemented: yesterday! Users requested that (Uphold integration) for months, already. :frowning:

++ We’re mixing apples and oranges here! -

There’s Android, there’s a desktop.
There’s Uphold (Uphold = desktop only! I wish we had to Uphold on Android, it’s long past due.), there’s an internal in-app wallet. (that couldn’t be connected to Uphold on Android and could be, on Desktop)

All in all, there’s few variations

My issue is (Android, in-app wallet based) simple: Claim button was unresponsive!

I tried clicking multiple times. Usually, it works within 5 seconds. Now, it went into the loop …

Once it said, “There’s server error on Brave servers - time out”… And then: disappeared completely (without adding balance. Now I’m in a state like a payout was made and it is not - I don’t see “Claim” anymore. I also don’t see my earned BAT from April-May 5h payout cycle.)

So, my Android earnings failed.
They are (supposed to be) paid to an in-app wallet (please, integrate Uphold!) because there was time-out when I tapped Claim (my May 5h payout for April earnings)

Is there anything I could do?
Submit some info or something?
Or there will be auto-fix? (Android, in-app wallet)


It didnt solve it just the same error cant claim rewards ads

On the payment date i.e. 6th May.

i sent you a message with reward-internals.

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Let’s make two polls, and see who’s affected the most. :eight_pointed_black_star::heart::eight_pointed_black_star: At least we’ll have some stats… While Brave developers work hard on solving it.

Affected: answer 1ˢᵗ poll. Otherwise/claimed successfully: 2ᶮᵈ

Please, answer the 1ˢᵗ poll only if you’re experiencing “May 5th” issue (inability to claim April BAT earnings), and 2nd poll if you’re NOT affected. (if you claimed your BAT successfully on May 5th)

⊰᯽⊱┈──╌ Poll 1 ╌──┈⊰᯽⊱
▼ AFFECTED w/ 05/05 Claim-“issue” ▼

I couldn’t claim my rewards, and I’m using the following PLATFORM / WALLET type -

  • Android with in-app BAT wallet
  • Desktop (in-app BAT wallet)
  • Desktop (with verified Uphold wallet)

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⊰᯽⊱┈──╌ Poll 2 ╌──┈⊰᯽⊱

IF you CLAIMED your BAT SUCCESSFULLY (on May 5th):

I claimed my rewards successfully (didn’t experience any problem), and I’m using the following PLATFORM & WALLET -

  • Android with in-app BAT wallet
  • Desktop (in-app BAT wallet)
  • Desktop (w/ verified Uphold wallet)

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Not had any rewards for over 3 months, this has been the picture since early February! claim button never appears and the estimated rewards moves on to the next month, reasonably happy with the browser but the BAT rewards system is a little disappointing to say the least.

This was supposed to be my first payment in my Android. Since I got claim errors, I upgraded to the latest version of Brave, and now it seems as if I had lost my BAT from April. I guess that upgrading does not mean the same thing as reinstalling, and that this does not make it impossible for you to restore my BAT balance.

Just testing if sharing (poll) works. The up ↑ arrow leads to post 292.

& Let’s have some fun! Words of wisdom
@discobot quote

There is a missing 4rth option on the 2nd pool @Marco, Mainly is the same as last Desktop w/Verified Uphold, received automat rewards, but didn’t received the real amount of BAT generated till 1st of may.

Btw perhaps is a minor issue, but is.
And to congratulate your idea of the pools and the clear differentiation between devices.

Hi @steeven, i did sent you a DM, please to reply

As of now My BAT in PC and Desktop was automatically send to my account in uphold but my BAT in mobile android is not there anymore the April payout is missing but the Jun 6 2020 is still there.

Thank you. @origamiw :heart:

How would you call that 4th option in 2nd poll? It’s quite possible I made a mistakes bc I use Android primarily (but do have verified Uphold wallet and Brave on PC.)

Just tell me that (correct options) and I’ll edit 2nd poll. Or DM them. :+1: :black_heart:

Hi, @steeven I sent a DM. thanks.


I sent you a DM again .

Poor @steeven… He’s flooded with DMs.

My expectation is that everything will be solved, but more importantly - improved so that it doesn’t happen ever again.
Trust in Brave / BAT must be maintained… :two_hearts:


Hi @Marco, well as i said maybe is a minor issue, but i know 2 persons and me that with pc verified uphold, automatic received rewards but wrong amount, so, could be

  • Desktop w Verified Uphold, wrong amount transfered (valid amount 1st May)

Dont know, maybe Im bad putting names.

Also in the first pol i was advised of an issue with OSX not generating rewards directly, but this point as you consider.

Thanx to take that matter in consideration and for your idea.

The shame of that is that we all was enthusiastic with that project and the main reward part looks like absolutly not working, and responsables dont give a clear explanation and timmings, i posted that, but they dont answer what/who they dont want

Thnx again and sorry for a so long message… :wink:

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you need multiple answers for this. neither aindroid nor desktop are working.

Absolutely agree.

I really hope that everything will be solved automatically (imagine if thousands of people must access rewards wallet hash and send DMs to @steeven - that’s a tough job from various perspectives.), but more importantly - I hope system will be improved so that THIS doesn’t happen EVER again.

Trust in Brave / BAT must be maintained!

As for poll… Awww, forum software allows edits in just first 5m :(((( -

“You cannot change a poll after the first 5 minutes.”

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great :rofl:

well then nothing… remains as you did, is enought good. And now we learned that we have just 5 min to edit… :joy:

Ty so much.

PS. - per how long are you using Brave? just curiosity if you don’t mind. for me was the first month, now May 2nd

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