May 2020 - Unable to redeem Rewards. Then balance disappeared

At the beginning of this month, I attempted to redeem my monthly rewards. Kept getting error message anytime I tried. I also noticed no new ads were popping up. However, did still have my reward balance.

After an app update, my reward balance disappeared! I also still cannot redeem my previous month rewards! The only thing that appears to be fixed with this update is that ads started reappearing.

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Hi @NastyNateNDyt - thanks a bunch for writing in and reporting! We pushed out a fix yesterday in 1.16.2. When you have a moment please update and that should fix your issue!

Alright just updated again. And you’re right, my balance is corrected now. However, I still receive the error message when attempting to redeem my rewards.

Awesome @NastyNateNDyt! Glad you received your BAT. If you close the app a couple of times and re-open, does the error still appear?

Yeah, I’ve tried that a few times. I even restarted my phone. But I cannot get my most recent rewards to redeem.

Okay - can you DM me your Rewards Internals? They can be found in the settings panel - ‘Wallet ID’.

Hi @steeven
I cannot find the wallet ID in the settings menu you mentioned. Can you maybe send a screenshot of where this is located in the iPhone version? I’m on my second month of not being able to claim my rewards.