Maximum how many BAT can i get monthly , and how can i get it ? please Help I'm New user

recently, I have installed brave browser on my laptop , can someone help to earn maximum BAT token .

6-7 bats , if you take these ads serious and spend about 5 hours daily

A month ago the answear would be totally different but I think half BAT a day is hard but still doable nowadays, which gives around 15BAT per month. You can’t really expect much more than it.

…and then they flag your profile because you are getting a lot of BAT :rofl:

It is not a joke
It already happened to me

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Yeah you’re right dude LOL :sweat_smile:

The BAT tokens per month can vary. I one time got 25BAT estimated but ended up getting 19BAT. I really questioning their integrity. In May, I hardly got any ads and only got estimated 0.2BAT but recently early June got May deposit of 2 BAT. Again, it can fluxuate quite a bit may be contingent on the crypto market (if bearish, then less ads; if bullish, then more ads)

If the device is not from scratch it’s actually tricky to stipulate the real monthly amount due the rolled over earnings. One must take note on day 1 and then subtracts it on day 30/31.

I reckon some of these 25BAT were from previous months and some were rolled over to the next, and so on.

They are waiting for the US$2/BAT price to increase ads and rewards :rofl:

Actually it’s the opposite, no? The lower the BAT the more ads served.

This is how it should be, but it doesn’t seem to work that way

Less crypto activity = more ads = more rewards = less flagged profiles = more earnings

5 hours a day looking at ads? Or 5 hours a day browsing? If it’s 5 hours to look at ads, I guess I don’t really need BATS.

It’s obvious now why I don’t receive any BATS. I get very few ads, and only look for a minute or two. Frankly, I have better things to do with my time than look at ads.

I don’t even see/open the ads

I just use the browser

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