Maximizing viewing space on Brave iOS Browser

Hi Brave Team,

Here are just a few suggestions after a preliminary test run of Brave. The idea is to maximize the browsing real estate and only show what is essential for users during browsing (not everyone has a phablet so maximizing real estate is important). Chrome has definitely done a good job with it and my guess only shows the essentials based on stats they have tracked over time. See a quick mock up with notes below:

Hope this can help or give you guys some new ideas!




Hi Ivan,

First off thank you for putting this together we love to get this type of feedback. A couple of questions regarding your concept:

  1. How would you create a new tab?
  2. How would you access your open tabs?

You mentioned moving additional features into Brave panel. Would this mean that you would remove the left panel for bookmarks, and consolidate everything in a single Brave panel?



Hi James,

Attached is a revised mockup with notes. The idea is to keep things simple and accessible for users.



Hi Ivan - thanks for the clearly explained ideas.

Recently we have been looking at moving functionality to the bottom of the screen based on new trends to countbalance the growing screen sizes for phones, and the pain of 1-handed navigation.

We will be doing some user testing soon for new ideas around the iOS version and depending on the direction of Android versions, it may apply there as well.

That being said, users certainly get used to “standards” that are forced upon us by the most popular apps like chrome.

For some reason, Chrome on iOS has mirrored their Android version and I am not sure this makes sense. I think a bit of user research will help to answer this question.

Thanks - Brad

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