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Hey guys, what’s max number of ads per day, 20?

Hi @robinzon ,
So actively, most people during the pandemic are active 12-14 hours a day. According to This NY Post Article
That’s a whopping 6 hours a day! So, by the max ads (5 per hour) Assumed you used it for the entire six hours, would ammount roughly 30 or so ads.
As a hobbyist dev, I find myself using it alot more. So results will vary.

Protip: If you check your usage hours in Windows, it should tell you what your usual active hours are. Take that, and estimate how much time you use your browser, Then take the time in hours times 5. (Assuming your set to max ads per hour in settings).

Hope this answered your question!


There is supposed to be a limit of 20 per day. In addition you can get the sponsored images.

You cannot simply multiply your ‘ads per hour’ and you active time to get your ads per day. You cannot choose to receive exactly 5 ads per hour, you select a maximum of 5 ads per hour. That could mean 5, but it could mean 0.

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