Material You Theming Support

Hello team,

As the title suggests, Can you please consider adding Material You theming option? I understand that Orange is Brave’s iconic color and it’s a part of its identity as a browser, but I really want to see my favorite browser matching the general theme/color of my device. I also understand that there’s a light theme and a dark theme, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m using latest nightly build and there’s no option in settings to change it.
when I open the app, the splash screen follow’s the phone’s theme color, but as soon as the app fully launches, the color gets overwritten and it turns to “grey-orange” (default color).

so here I ask again… can you please add material you support? or rather let it be, as it’s already there in chromium source.

and thanks for this must-have browser.

Yeah this would be great, it just looks off on my pixel. At least give us the option since the chromium base supports it.