Master Shields Lockdown Switch for Private Tor Windows

Over the last few weeks, I have been using Tor private tabs to jump some geofencing and firewalls. I keep my shields set to not block scripts, block cross-site cookies and outright disable fingerprinting. My main issue with this, however, is that when I use Tor private tabs to browse some SFW .onion domains, the shields remain the same, when I would otherwise want Javascript disabled so that I can blend in with the crowd of traffic better.

A great way to solve this is when opening a new Tor tab, have a section of the new tab page ask a phrase similar to “Need to be more hidden? Flip the switch to go lockdown shields mode in Tor tabs to greatly reduce your chances of being fingerprinted and tracked.” with a switch to so. I feel like this would elevate the experience of a fair amount of users that use Tor through Brave.

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