Massive drop of BAT price

It was like 200 dollars for like 400 BAT, but know it is like 40 dollars for 300 BAT. How can this be solved or be helped. I first thought it would be the same price always. Would it be keep getting lower?

What is the unit of measure for the 200 and the 40 that you mention?

Like any crypto currency or token, BAT is also facing volatility since you can buy and sell BAT tokens against FIAT currencies. Its like stocks, price depends on demand. If lot of people sell, price drops. If lot of people buy, price rises. And since BAT tokens are also valued in Satoshi (BTC), the price drops and rises with BTC. Simple as that. One day, your 400 BATs could be worth more than 200 USD as well.


Also could be worth less than 40$

name of the game, don’t like it? don’t play.

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