MASSIVE browser crash -- settings, personalization, extension data lost -- PLEASE HELP

Sent this verbatim to Brave support but have heard nothing in response for nearly a week now…

Brave now appears to be stripped of all my setting customization, URL icons have all reverted to the generic grey planet, ALL URLs bookmarked with the OneTab extension (nearly 5 thousand), my selected new tab/home page extension - FVD Speed Dial - opens now as if it had just now been installed with all its shortcut/bookmark boards, or “dials” that I had put together seemingly gone. This occurred after the browser and/or laptop generally, had been running at a very high activity level and for a very extended period of time, prompting Brave to crash abruptly without any command or instruction given by me. This had happened a few times in the past and in those instances, upon launching Brave again, I would be alerted by the browser that it had not been properly shut down last time and I would be asked if I wanted to bring back all open pages and windows that had been open before the crash, to which I would click “yes” and there would be no issue. That did not happen this time and I’m at loss as to how to restore Brave to how it was pre-devastating crash and at this point really hoping that doing so is not an impossibility (because Brave has become my primary web browser). Please respond acknowledging the reception of this support request and with anything that you may be able to help me with regarding this incredibly frustrating situation. Thanks.

Thank you for reaching out.
Are all the extensions still present? That is, still installed just without the data? Additionally, is any other data missing such as History or Site settings?

If you go to Menu --> History do you see something like this:

:point_up: Given then number of tabs you had open, the number will be different, but if you click on it it should relaunch any tabs that were part of that session wherein the browser crashed.

Oh big thing I did forget to mention: my entire browsing history was cleared as well.

I had almost immediately checked to see what I could salvage via my browsing history and came to see that it had been completely emptied.

Pt. 2 of response (bit that I forgot to include the first time): No extensions that had been installed initially failed to return – all were still there when I re-opened after the crash – and (really strangely it seems to me), other extensions which stored vital data had no lost any. As previously noted, OneTab and FVD Speed Dial have been completely cleared of data I had stored on it, but extensions such as “Session Buddy” and “Note Board” retained all data I had stored there.

Really confusing, really frustrating and really detrimental personally and professionally…


:point_up:I believe that for sure and yes, it is very confusing. I’m note entirely sure why some data would be retained but other (arguably more important data) was erased after the crash. My thought is that it may actually have to do with the extensions you have installed presently – however, even if that’s the case, it doesn’t make sense that data would be cleared in this way.

Can you please tell me if you’re on Windows 10 or Windows 7 and if you have Automatic crash reporting enabled (Settings --> Additional --> Privacy & Security --> Crash reporting)?

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