Massage "Payout In Progress"

Hey. I encouraged my account for the March bonus, but the coins didn’t come to my account.Only the message about the payment process

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Hi @max1mple,

Welcome to community!

The next payout is scheduled for around April 8.

Thanks for reaching out!

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Yes.but on ultimately I have 0.00. Are they already out of my account and ready to withdraw?

Thanks for your reply @max1mple,

What’s your publishers URL? We can take a look. CC’ing @Asad for an extra pair of eyes.

@max1mple before you have. how many bat in the publisher account?

How can I find the URL?

Hi @max1mple,

Thanks for your follow up! Is the BAT you’re referring to above linked to a publishers account? That would be the link needed if so.

Look forward to solving this with you!

Ooh!I got my 23BAT, when I can get them to the purse UpHold?

Hi @max1mple,

The browser wallet is currently unidirectional, but that is currently something that the team is thinking through!

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help to answer!

Will we get our payment in 1-2 days? max until 10th?

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Hi @reCesar,

Thanks for reaching out! The settlement is being processed today, and your wallet balance should update within the next couple of days.


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como asi en los proximos dias? el pago es hoy?

And how can I watch ads and get paid for it BAT?

Hola @Daniel07,

El próximo pago será procesado hoy. Estará disponible en los próximos días.

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Ads are currently available in our Dev and Beta release -


Great big surprise today wallet bainace update

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