Mas de 1 ordenador con Brave Rewards activado

Me gustaría saber si existe la posibilidad de que puedan coexistir mas de 1 dispositivo con Brave Browser instalado con la opción de Brave Rewards activada bajo 1 misma red WiFi, pero con diferentes cuentas Uphold. Para que generen BAT independientemente por su lado.
Llevo un par de meses generando BAT con mi ordenador y un compañero con el que vivo se ha interesado en seguirme los pasos y me gustaría informarme primero para evitarme un posible problema futuro.

Hi @Javier48tov, I think this is the answer to the root of your question:

Hmmm no, that wasn’t the answer i was looking for. I would like to know if many devices under the same WiFi can use Brave rewards with different uphold accounts

I’ve spent a while searching the Web for Brave/ Uphold policies regarding multiple users/ devices/ accounts on one IP/ WiFi and have found nothing, which surprised me.

On one hand, this is a very common setup - home and office networks - so no biggie.

However, I believe there exists real potential to set off the security and fraud preventive measures of Uphold/ Brave if this was attempted - commodities are involved, after all.

I wouldn’t do it. You shouldn’t take my word, though, as I’m no authority on this. Perhaps contact support at Uphold, or here you could wait till @steeven or @mattches responds.

I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a definitive answer.

You are right, i’ll take your word, however i’ll wait til @steeven or @Mattches responds.


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