Marked as dangerous. Specific claim- site may be hacked

AFAIK this site is not dangerous.

The tool is a file comparison tool of good repute. I am not sure how seriously I should take Brave’s claim of the download being dangerous .

Please advise.

Thank you.

Can you share a screenshot of the warning Brave displays when you attempt to download the file?

Testing on my end, I scanned the URL and it came up clean, so I click the link and the file downloaded without issue.

The safebrowsing API that the browser uses would have marked it as dangerous/suspecious. The only way to download such files is by disabling safebrowsing but this is not advisable.

If you are really sure that the setup doesn’t contain malware and wont affect your machine you can disable safe browsing from privacy and download the file. Do note you would be doing this at your own risk


  I went ahead and downloaded the file. It seems to not have done anything unexpected; I do have a good antivirus  so hopefully all is well. The program in question is a file comparison program I have dealt with many times.

I did not have a capture a screenshot for you, unfortunately.

Thank you so much for responding!

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