March Rewards got vanished second time. What is happening?

I have two laptops, one got resolved automatically but the other one still same. No rewards was added through my second laptop.

If it’s still updating guess I’ll have to just wait. Thanks for the reply.

Me too. I saw again Claim button. When press it, error appears. A little latter, show browser update button. Update browser, claim button disappear and no rewards into account

kindly look into this matter. since a lot of users are suffering with this particular issue including myself. i have around 5 BAT from last month which have vanished after attempting to claim.

Je ne comprends pas pourquoi le jetons ne sont pas si notre portefeuille directement

Hello Steven,

My march/april payout was supposed to be of 5.645 BATs and I did receive 5.635 BATs 9 days ago on 4th of April. I am wondering if that was just a bonus reward or was that my earned BATs because I got that payment even before the payments started rolling out for Uphold (my browser is connected to Uphold)

I also only received .25 BAT out of 2.545 due on April 7th 2022. Yesterday I had over 2.5 BAT to claim and when I tried to claim it disappeared. Please help me with this.


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Just need to wait a bit and the browser will give you the option to claim again. No timeframe for when it’ll happen, but it happens automatically.

@steeven didn’t received BAT reward for march… #fakeclaim by @brave

I didn’t receive march reward . Is brave going to scam??

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@heinthantoo no it isn’t a scam its a bug affecting quite a lot of us. Brave is aware and investigating. We’ll get our BAT one way or another in time.

Hi David,

My 2.75 FINALLY showed up this afternoon. When I was proving to the system that I was not a robot (Moving the triangle to the circle) I received a message to try again later because something happened in the BRAVE system. This is exactly what happened on April 14. I just went back to try to move my BAT and again they disappeared for a second time.

Why is this happening and how can we fix this? I never had this problem in the year or so I had BRAVE installed. Also, I do not get pop-up ads any longer.

All the best,

Hey Kim!

This is what seems to be the known issue impacting many. I, too, am impacted, but I didn’t get a second shot at proving to the system I’m not a robot. My situation must be a little behind yours.

Sounds like the support teams are on top of it and researching the issue. I haven’t seen a concrete timetable for resolution yet, but I’m sure they’ll make it right. If you haven’t already, DM your Wallet ID to @steeven.

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We need to DM wallet ID listed under External Wallet Info … right ?

where are my bats it’s been more than 7days

Chrome also show ads and you too. Difference is they pay to the correct person. ( who truly deserves to earn those money).
And you cockpits looser don’t even pay

what´s hapenning?..Last month the payment was a week late, this month is almost over and I haven’t received my reward 5 BAT.
I have the browser on my smartphone and on the PC and I only received the payment from my smartphone 2 BAT.
Now I see I’m not the only one with the problem.

Restarting the browser is what worked for me today after a suggestion from a guy from Brave Support Team. I would highly recommend others to give it a try.

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I received message saying check you are not a robot but I could not get rid of it. I have a new e mail account so I set up another account hoping it doesn’t happen again too soon.

@chickenlady Could you go create a new topic in Browser Support for your issue? Please make sure you provide your Brave version and OS information. Also, if you could provide screenshots of the message and the steps you’ve tried to clear the message, that would be helpful.

I think your issue may be a “Brave ads solve captcha” issue and there is a workaround but until you provide additional information, it is hard to tell. Since this is really off-topic for this post, creating your own topic and providing the above information would really help! :smiley:

we have May, MArch rewards missing, April are cut…and topics getting close

Guys, my march rewards which were gone after the claim button automatically got added. It was added on 4-May, I noticed a little late but it worked. Now its in my Gemini wallet and didn’t disappear like last times. And I did nothing this time, there was no claim button, nothing. Guess it was all done in the backend by Devs.

Hope you all get yours soon as well.