March 2022 Payout Success?

Hey community. Just posting this here as a last ditch effort.

Have you actually received your brave rewards for march into your Gemini wallet? Or other non Brave wallet?

I’m trying to figure out if this is a LEGIT platform or not. Youtube and other searches seem to bring up the fact that if your not a verified creator, you basically are doomed to never receive rewards.

If you have received your march rewards, or rewards from previous months into a NON brave wallet, then please let me know as that will be a confidence boost for me.


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Hey Dan,

Verified Gemini wallet user here. I have received my rewards every month since verification, and some months even came with bonuses to make up for delays.

April 2022 payouts for March 2022 earnings are still delayed and processing at this time. I am hoping it is resolved soon. I have been checking the page I previously shared with you daily. Here is the link again:

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I’ve been using Brave for about 4 months. I’ve received all my payouts and have been receiving bonuses too due to all the issues over the last several months. Issues seemed too have started in January shortly after I started using (was it something I did!!?? lol). I think all my payouts except one have been late.

All the old-timers say that Brave makes good on their payouts. You just have to be patient. But from experience, I know it can be frustrating!

The only major problem I see is with unverified Rewards wallets. Some users try a reinstall and end up losing their earned rewards and/or rewards balance. As far as I know, Brave cannot restore the earning/balances lost. Verified Rewards wallets can also lose earned Rewards before they are deposited into a custodial account if they do this. Custodial account deposits are safe.

For unverified Rewards, there is a way to do a reinstall without losing your earnings/balances. If you haven’t already, you should browse the PSA: User FAQ. Can really help understand what NOT to do. lol The topic is a little outdated but still relevant.

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Yes @dsims, I recall talking to you. Now the page you linked says ‘Payments complete’ for gemini and yet I have not gotten anything yet.

Same here. DM Steeven your Wallet Payment ID which can be found here brave://rewards-internals//

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I finally received mine a couple of days ago. This is the second month in a row they’ve been late for me.

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Hi @warzecha.dan, there’s definitely issues being ironed out at the moment, this being one of them. I think Brave are about to discover payments aren’t complete, as the bugs remain and many of us are still affected. But one thing I can say is stick with it buddy, Brave are great I’ve used this browser several years now and swear by it. With or without rewards it has huge utility for me. I tend to find that all the glitches get fixed over time, and although they’re often deluged at times like this, if you can manage to get through to one of the Brave team, they’re usually helpful. Recommend send a DM to @steeven with all the required info as @dsims suggests.

@Chocoholic (I too am a chocoholic). We had rewards issues a couple of years ago and I made the mistake of reinstalling the browser a few times just to start getting rewards again. I didn’t really lose too much BAT but I did lose the ability to connect to Uphold on all my devices - reinstalling apparently opens up another slot and I used all available slots up! Waiting for the slot limit to be removed so I can get everything hooked up again. Something else to think about before uninstalling! :slight_smile:

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still haven’t got feb / march payouts :frowning:

Update to all. It is now 4/25/2022
I still have not been paid my BAT into my verified Gemini account.

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