Maps Won't Open

A site I use daily has a feature of opening a map to show where the address of a potential gig is located. However, it doesn’t work in Brave, only a black screen appears. Any ideas as to how I can get it working? I’ve tried allowing anything that might be related, in the settings, but nothing seems to work.

@StevenCee can you share your Brave version? And an example site so I can test it on my end?

Usually, you can:

  • Click Brave icon at URL bar
  • Then change your device recognition to “Allow all” or “Block 3rd party”


if it’s still not working, you can try to disable “Hardware accelerations” under Brave’s Preference/Settings.

I’m using the newest Brave, just updated last night, and it’s still not opening the map. I don’t have the shields up, have most settings set to allow, don’t have hardware acceleration on, and when I saw the “device recognition” option, it didn’t offer what you wrote, only “allow all” “block all” or “only block cross-site attempts”, and the same options for cookies. I have both cookies & device recognition selected with blocking “only cross-site” . Not even sure what “device recognition” means.

Here’s one site where the map pop-up only shows a black screen:

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