Many websites have been crashing with Brave in the last week



Many websites I normally go to are crashing randomly with Brave—all beginning last week. It’s gotten so bad I’ve had to use other browsers now. I am using Windows 10 with the latest Brave update. I think there is a bug in the latest update.


Do you have payments enabled in your browser?


Yes. I turned it off.


Sorry for the delayed response. Could you try clearing your profile and check on a new one and see if it still happens. You can backup profile by following the steps mentioned here


This is ridiculous. Now I when I try to sign into Brave on the Brave browser it automatically logs me out once I log in. I’ve signed into Brave with a different browser now to report this. Combine this and the crashing of websites and the other autologouts and the inability to even let me scroll through my bookmarks—I’m done with this browser. These are basic friggin’ problems and your company can’t even fix them. Who is running this monkey show? THE BROWSER NEEDS TO WORK.


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