Many sync related questions for mac

Hello .

I am new and I don’t know if I am writing in the right place or how any of this works .
Perhaps there are people here that can answer these questions or direct me to the right board/people :slight_smile: i’m used to support tickets and I don’t know what I’m doing lol

I am wondering if I am able yet to sync two computers (a laptop and a desktop) as well as an iphone and to have them share one user account with all the same settings and bookmarks ; as well as the same wallets (rewards and crypto wallets) .

At the moment I seem to be collecting two different totals of brave rewards as well as having been prompted to sign in/verify to two different Upworthy rewards wallets when prompted by giving me a new batch recovery words (I recovered from the first set of words that were given the first time I set things up on my first computer though) , as well as having to set up my crypto wallet two separate times in each different computer’s browser using the same set of recovery words and prompting me to create a new password both times .

I have yet to do anything on my phone but I assume it will be the same .

I seem to remember sync being a thing but I can no longer find it . I should add I am on apple products and using the mac versions of all these apps . I seem to recall hearing that sync was gone after looking into it when I noticed my bookmarks weren’t syncing properly anymore . Does anyone know when this will be coming back as I have noticed that perhaps it is back for pc users ?

If so do you think this will fix my problems so I only need to do these things once , everything syncing together automatically ?

I am a little scared that I will have three discrepant rewards wallets and possibly problems down the line with upworthy as a result . I guess the crypto wallet might be less of a problem due to signing in with recovery words but who knows … like I said it asked me to create and confirm a new password there as well which confused me … I ended up using the same one just in case .

And one more question that relates :

I would like the bookmarks to get sorted in such a way that one main computer/browser dictates the initial sync and that the two others copy that one as I have been organizing and updating that one actively and have let the others fall by the wayside ; it would be a shame if they synced to a lesser version of my current preferred one based on one of those two other devices/browser .

Lots of questions… any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello , syncing bookmarks might be possible by activating sync in brave//flag

is that safe ?
i understood that it could. potentially compromise security ?
and perhaps a safer version is on the way ?

Do not use the flag to enable sync – it will cause crashes. Sync v2 will be rolled out in Brave stable in the next update this Thursday. Once implemented, you’ll be able to Sync almost all data between devices:


It worked fine at starting, but then it started crashing , so i stopped using it .

thank you very much !!

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