Many sites not displaying content due to detecting ad blocker



I’d love to see us compile a list of sites that are having issues running completely on Brave so that we can work towards fixing them. I am currently running brave with scripts turned on, brave ads turned on, and both 3rd party cookies and fingerprinting are disabled.

Currently is unable to display videos and instead waits on an empty black box forever. Other sites have given me similar issues due to detecting the ad blocking capabilities of Brave, but even after turning on all ads I still had issues. In order to help with mass adoption I believe solving these issues should be a major goal of this community.

If anyone has any suggestions as to where to begin solving this issue, or has similar issues with other sites, I’d love to hear them.


Yeah, I have lots of problems with videos loading, comment sections etc and just monkey with scripts, block ads etc buttons and reload reload reload.Sometimes I can find the right combo to unlock the prize but not always. I’m normally not willing to be bombarded by ads and ‘sniffers’ just for a quick news article or video though. I guess I’m willing to accept a little grief just to stay off the tracking radar.


I definitely agree but the goal should be for the average consumer (who isn’t willing to put in that same effort but wants to be able to do everything) to use brave.

If you don’t mind listing any of the sites you’re having specific problems with that would be awesome!

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