Many questions. Reference system. possible future problems

Good morning, I have 4 questions, please to receive your help.

  1. How long will it take to verify the referrals? Because the 30 days have passed and they still haven’t verified me, so I want to know if it will take longer to solve the problem.

  2. In total, they take longer to resolve and my referrals are not confirmed now, if not during month 6, it means that I will not receive my BATs from that account that you did not verify me because of the problem that is currently occurring?.

  3. If my referrals are not verified before the cut it means they will not give me the BAT reward.

  4. I am sure that my referrals used the program during the month, why not confirm them?.


Because their system is currently broken, I have the same issues with referrals using the browser for 40 days.

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