Many Questions about Brave Desktop

I want to switch to Brave once and for all. I believe in Performance of Blink.I have many questions which i want to ask and i hope that i get answers.

1)Can chrome part be stripped?
We can reach flags page by url chrome://flags . Even though brave://flags work,it is basically chrome://flags. It still uses chrome://resources . Can chrome word be replaced by brave in every instance possible?

2)Why JS for GUI?
I don’t know if Chromium uses JS for UI,but Brave uses Typescript for it(still uses GTK).
Is there anyway non JS/TS UI possible

It is great that people come to the Brave browser.
People that join in using Brave, browser or other features need to be mindful that the concept being new will be cumbersome and in need of refinement as it is new.
Technical people will go quick as they can to fix everything of course.
It is not helpful to overall productivity if each user complains about this and that…just let them work…
Then it will be done quicker…they will get it all happening as soon as they can.
Be glad they are bringing us new tomorrows.

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