Manual Sync between machines

Hey there,

I am looking to sync between computers the more Linuxy way since it’s not working right now in beta. I just wanted to verify if I synce the Brave-Browser-Beta/User Data folder between two machines, one windows and one Linux, you guys think it should work? Getting opinions before I break something. This method works with a lot of other apps.

Thanks for your time.

It might work if you manually copy the folder. If you set it for a device level sync chances are it might get corrupted while using on one machine and the sync might not happen properly on the other machine. Personally I would suggest not to sync profile folder as there are chances of it getting corrupt. You can however manually copy the folder but ensure both devices are running the same version of the browser.

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Question: Is syncing being added to the Beta at some stage before going public?


Yes, Sync is in heavy development right now: