Mandatory X% of Brave Rewards to Content Creators

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Why cant we keep a fixed percentage of brave rewards to content creators as mandatory at the user level?

  1. Now we can either turn on /off auto contribute
  2. Reward our favorite content creator.
  3. Keep all the BAT for our personal use after reward.

If most of the users are using brave rewards only for personal use by not contributing to any publisher/content creator, most of them don’t see any advantage except in terms of privacy & Security. Since Firefox is a direct competition to brave in terms of privacy and security in browsers, Its easy to shift to Firefox.

The major difference among all the different browsers out there & Brave is ‘the rewarding’ feature to our favorite content creators. If users are not rewarding publishers/content creators, they wont be showing interest and the interest on brave ecosystem might diminish with time.

Is it possible to keep X% of brave rewards earned as mandatory to content creators/publishers? If the user is not contributing, then the X% should auto contribute. I hope by implementing this, we can keep the ecosystem mutually beneficial where everyone is getting benefited and profitable. The more the content creators/publishers sees benefit, more the people start using it.

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Viewers who use the Brave Browser may have contributed money to you while surfing the web through Brave Rewards.

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