Mandatory use of Uphold is a red flag for user adoption

I am a fan of Brave and the new business model. I see a lot of good progress at technical level, so I think the community is going into the right direction. But there is one thing that scares me really and that is the mandatory use of Uphold for publishers.

I am both a user and publisher. I now have received 19 BAT for a test, but when I want to move the complete amount to my personal wallet Uphold counts the following:
10 BAT: network fee
23 BAT: withdrawal fee
Uphold is not a decentralized solution and for me it is a serious NOGO for future use. For now I am tolerant and understand that we just started the journey. But if this cannot be solved Brave will turn to a dead end.

Currently I am an unverified Uphold user and Uphold promises lower fees when I am verified. But I don’t like this way of working. It is not very user friendly and they are able to change the policies when they want. They have a monopoly now and we have seen that this will always lead to misabuse and fraude sooner or later.

For me it is easy, when users have sent me 19 BAT I want to earn 19 BAT. And I will receive it in a wallet which is my own choice. No shady middleman that misabuses the monopoly by rent seeking profit. This is exactly the reason why people like to leave the current economy and look for decentralized solutions.

Hope it will be solved with priority.