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what does the number mean in front of my bookmarks? Some have a number, others have none. I want to remove duplictes only.

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go to brave://bookmarks/ to manage your bookmark

what you mean you have number of some bookmarks where you see this

Below I have copied & pested 3 you tube site I book marked. The first shows a (5) the second shows a (1) and the last shows no number. Does that mean the (5) mean I book marked that same site 5 times? If it does, How can I remove only 4 copies but save it only once?
Also can I save bookmarks in different folders?

(5) 6 Ways to Open a Lock :red_circle: NEW - YouTube](

(1) Top 10 Bruce Lee Real Fight Nobody Knows - YouTube](

How to Film Professional Videos w/ Android Smartphone! - YouTube](

Brave doesn´t highlight double bookmarks, it simply is a number that has been added to the bookmark name, not sure why.

I have my bookmarks in different folders, open


Look on top on your right hand side, you will see three small dots, click on it, you will see: “Add New Folder”, you can drag and drop bookmarks in and out after it has been created.

as @yubi said that could be the reason also you can rename the bookmark go to the bookmark manager then click on the 3 dots and edit it and change it’s name

did you bookmark those links by import from other browser

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