"Managed bookmarks" folder. Why? What is it?


A folder called “Managed bookmarks” appeared in my Brave browser, out of the blue, I thought I would ask why?, and what is it for? before I decide to remove it.

This folder shows in both my Brave browser for Windows and Brave browser for Android.

Thank you.

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Hello @moon1

could you tell us where the folder located?
do you mean it show up in the brave://bookmarks/
or it show up on your harddrive inside the brave folder

and have a nice day

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Hi there!

Yes, this folder is located in brave://bookmarks/

It also placed itself in the section just under the “Bookmark this tab” button of the browser (next to a folder I actually did place there for quick access).

I might also note that this “Managed bookmarks” folder is empty.


you welcome @moon1

is that something related to sync or it something else @Mattches

and have a nice day both of you

Do you have Sync enabled at this time? As @justsomeone1 mentions, I’m wondering whether or not this folder was placed there by Sync

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Good day @justsomeone1 and @Mattches :slight_smile:

Yes, I am using Sync.

thanks @moon1

it better to wait for @Mattches when he get back from the wekend to see if it save to delete it or not

and have a nice day

I believe what you’re seeing is basically a Chromium enterprise feature. It shouldn’t have any effect or cause you any issues – that said, if you’d like to get rid of it I can walk you through the steps :slight_smile:

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