Manage keyboard layouts



Every application is able to have its own keyboard layout.
Web browser is quite different than other applications, because each tab is like separate application.
It’s related to those users who use two or more keyboard layouts.
It would be very useful if web browser could have the possibility to manage and remember keyboard layouts for tabs and windows (optionally for search fields and other input elements). Having such option would avoid users to switch between different keyboards during the browsing session which is often really annoying.

AFAK at the moment there is no option like this in any other browser, so it could be additional Brave’s advantage.
Also I haven’t found any extention for other browsers, excluding TabLang for Firefox, which is now abandoned for a long time and has some compatibility issues with latest browser releases.

Actually this is a copy of GitHub Issue

But I decided to post it here to be visible for more users.



Hi! Thanks for your suggestion.

Unfortunately we would not have time to review your suggestion until 1.0 is released. We’ll defintely revisit this one later.