Manage different logins/passwords for subdomains under the same domain

I manage hundreds if not thousands of systems that are all located under a few domains, ie,, etc.
This makes Brave basically unusable since it considers every system to be one and the same when it comes to autofill information and saved logins. If I login to system99 or whatever and ask it to save the password, it will update the password for all of the hundreds of sites I have under the same domain.

I can understand the idea behind this and I accept that it’s common that every site under the same domain uses the same login. It is however not always the case, and assuming so is actually a security risk.

Would it be possible to make this behavior optional with a simple “do not consider subdomains to be related” or similar setting?
Or better yet, a conditional option where you could list domains under which subdomains should not be considered related?

This is obviously a Chromium upstream issue, you need to ask Chromium developers to fix that, because there is NOT a Chromium browser that fill passwords per subdomain, no Fork is going to waste time “fixing” this, only because you have to login in a lot of subdomains which is rare for 99% of people.

Maybe a password manager extension will do what you want, so try them.

For example in Chromium 115, or maybe even 114 there are some Chromium flags to use Notes in Brave’s password manager, but to even even use the new Chromium password manager inside Brave, but it has a Grouping feature and as you can see, Chromium just cares about domains, so this is why I said you should request Chromium team to change it.