Manage devices in Sync Chain

After syncing a device (Browser version 1.12.112 - sync v2) to a Sync Chain, I uninstalled the browser without first leaving the Sync Chain. Then I re-installed the browser, joined the Sync Chain again and now there is my device twice in the Sync Chain list,. how to get rid of it?

On the sync settings it says “The device list below includes all devices in your sync chain. Each device can be managed from any other device.”

But to my knowledge you can only manage the device you’re currently on, not each device from any other device. Will this be possible in a later release or is there already a way to do this? I’d really like to be able to remove an old devices from the list from an other device.

Hello @Jtech this option will be released on future it’s not possible for now

hope that help and have a nice day

That;s great to hear, will wait it out and keep an eye out in future releases. Thanks and have a good one!

@Jtech you welcome and thanks :slight_smile:

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