Malware/virus issue?


When clicking on certain sites (it appears to be random) I get the message below from which pops up for approximately two seconds before advancing onto the website I wanted to visit. It seems to only happen if I click the ad link at the top of google. For instance if I visit Paypal via the pushed ad it will appear, but when I type in Paypal in the search bar it does not come up.

I am very careful with what I download, but have read this is a type of malware/virus that needs to be removed. However, I’ve ran a full-scan on both ‘Bitdefender’ and ‘MalwareBytes’ and both have not detected any issues and said my device is clear and that there are no threats.

For assistance I have a Macbook Air (M1 2020). It is updated to the latest MacOS Monterey. This has been ongoing for approximately four days. I have completed the following without resolution:

-Cleared my cache/cookies and browsing data
-Restarted the browser and my computer
-Checked for malicious extensions, and turned my personal ones off and back on
-Updated macOS to the latest version

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have files on my computer that are sensitive.

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