Malfunctioning website with brave

Hello everyone. I live in Italy and I’ve been trying to use Brave for some time, it works well but there are some websites that don’t work well with the blocks that Brave sets. For example or the Fastweb site, I wanted to ask if by chance there is a setting in Brave that allows you to exclude a single website from its blocks in order to make it functional, unlike on easyjet you have to use another Brosware otherwise doesn’t let you make reservations etc etc Thank you

Thank you for reaching out. In general, you can lower Brave’s Shields on a per-site basis using the lion icon in the address bar. However, on my end, testing the site doesn’t work even with Shields down. I’ll be forwarding this information to the team to review and address.

You can read more about Brave’s Shields and how they work here:

Just trying to reproduce issues with easyjet, what steps do I need @diego72 ?

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