Making possible to lock tabs + name them


Could it be possible to make possibility to lock only tabs / tab groups and name them? As it’s avaible in Samsung browser ( locking tabs not naming the groups)? These days on android you can lock the application window which is a great feature, so you won’t close the window by accident. It would be very handy to have such a feature in tabs as well, possibility to lock tab, so you won’t close the tabs by accident or if you close the browser by accident ( also in incognito mode). This feature could be applied to multi tabs as well, so if you have many tabs under one tab, you could not accidently close them. Also naming the multitabs would be good to extinguish them from other multitabs if you want possibility. As in my usage scenario: I can keep 3-4 tabs tied together for “shopping”, 3-4 for news etc. Naming the multitabs and locking them would help greatly to

A) avoid accidental closing of tabs
B) seperate them to “tab categories”

This is my first post and I hope you find it good idea. Thank you for your time of reading and considering.