Making link path readable

I have a local host html page open in Brave and a txt file with the html open in Notepad and I am editing away, smoothly going back and forth between the two.
Editing an html page, a hover over a link reveals the path in a little box on the lower left of the page, a preview, so to speak. For example, when I have a ./ as part of the a href=" " the complete url will appear in the box.
The box is tiny. The font color is pale blue. The background is off-white, and the function is unreliable. Other than that, no problem.
Yes, I realize making this change involves work. It would be worth it. Oh, heck, why stop there? Just design an interface with front and back end panels, one in which individual can be saved. You’ll have a WYSIWYG editor your users will thank you for. (ed)