Make URL copying easier from the URL bar

It would be handy if a copy option appeared when the url is selected. This would save time compared to … > Share with > scroll > Copy

As-is, when the user taps the url bar, the url is selected, but there aren’t any editing options that appear. Tapping it again, it goes into type mode. There isn’t even a select all > copy function.

If you’re using iOS 13 and above, iOS has a shortcut gesture for selecting all and for copying:

  • double-tap :arrow_right: select word
  • triple-tap :arrow_right: select sentence (this is what you want for selecting the whole URL)
  • quadruple-tap :arrow_right: select paragraph
  • three-finger single tap :arrow_right: Launch the Edit Toolbar, which has Cut :scissors:, Copy :scroll:, Paste :inbox_tray: functions (this is what you want for accessing the Copy button)

TLDR; triple-tap the URL bar, then three-finger tap to show the Edit Toolbar with a Copy button