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ok, so i am new to using this web browser, and i wanna use the payments thing but i have no wallet for crypto currency and idk how to set up one or do anything to set up the payment thing in the browser, to me this is what brought me over to this i want to be able to not have to see ads but still help the people i watch and the websites i use and idk how to make the currency on here or how the system works frankly, id just like a more clear way of doing things on here ik its in bata and everything but id love to know how to do it without a bank account or messing with any of that stuff ik i have a brave wallet but idk how to gain the currency or anything like that


I suggest you set up your own 2nd wallet using a mature platform.

Visit The site will walk you quickly through just how serious you need to take security regarding crypto. Good content. Then, create a new wallet and develop some kind of solid system for yourself to move in the crypto space with a wallet.

Once you have your wallet, you hold the keys to it and that’s how you access it.

Make this a journey - not a 50 yard dash. Consider all of my suggestions as safe ways to learn a little more about this… Coin infrastructure is the greatest opportunity to come along since the Internet, very helpful to the world, quite disruptive to the black-hearted bank-sters
controlling humanity’s evolution.

Then I would suggest you open up an account at a reputable, transparent exchange. In fact, consider using two exchanges. To get your dollars exchanged into ethereum or bitcoin - I suggest Gemini. A New York (state-side) based exchange. You can securely link your US bank accounts to Gemini and send money back and forth. If you want to buy Altcoins (alt coins are coins that are not ethereum or bitcoin) set up another exchange account at an exchange where you can buy or trade hundreds of different coins. The best exchange with the lowest trading fees is Binance.
Use my link

There are 1619 “Altcoins” as of this moment that exist. Most of them are shit for lack of a better word but there are 20 to 30 that are worth looking at. This is the part you should take your time with. Coins exchange value digitally. Studying the market and learning how this market moves is very important. If you do this carefully, and develop a strategy, you can actually make some nice money. If you find an interesting coin, join a telegram group and get a feel for what the community is like. Most telegram group members are invested in the coin and talk about why they like it.

Relevant questions will get relevant responses.

Have fun!

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