Make tabs faster to click (by humans)


Do you know why Microsoft put the button for the start menu in the corner of the screen? Because that makes it “infinitely” large, as in, if you move your mouse to the bottom left corner infinitely, it will be on the button. That makes it much easier for humans.

The tabs are the thing we touch most often outside of webpages, much faster than the URL, as such, we want them to be as quick to access as possible. Google Crome, unlike Brave, has the tabs at the very top and the URL bar beneath that, which makes the tabs infinitely high. That means you can shove your pointer as up as you want and you’ll still be able to click the tab as long as it aligns in the other axis. I hope it makes sense. I suggest adding that, perhaps as a default and give the option to change.


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Thanks for your suggestion. :slight_smile: I found an open, related issue about option to have tabs on top.
I added your comment as +1 and the issue is logged here:

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