Make Search Engine File Editable

Ok, this probably exists if someone could point me to the right directory or tool to use it, but I was wondering if we might be able to edit the “search engines” shortcuts with a text editor or some other program so that I could make bulk “search engine” (bookmark) shortcuts faster rather than manually type them in the GUI.

I tried looking it up and I did find a file that was a database file (sqlite3?), wasn’t sure what program to use to edit it or how to edit it.

Any info on how to do this or of making a bulk bookmark creation feature would be appreciated.

Example: if I wanted to pull up people from a specific social media site, the shortcut could be “sitename + person’s name” (sitenamepersonname) with the URL being “https://sitename.sitename/person’sname

In a text editor if there was a kind of markdown format the file was saved in, I could copy/paste a template and just add in unique address details per person:



Search Engine: [sitename]
Keyword: [sitename]
URL: [sitename/]

Search Engine: [sitename+uniquename]
Keyword: [sitename+uniquename]
URL: [sitename/uniquename]

Any tips or a simple fix would be appreciated, thank you.