Make payments settings easier to get to


It’s proving rather laborious to reach the payments page, buried in Settings. Couldn’t it be linked to that heart button up near the shields button? Maybe a right-click or something. I suppose you could consider it a bit secondary, a kind of “fire and forget” feature that you largely ignore after initial configuration, but if you decide to play an active role in curating the list of sites to which you want Brave to contribute automatically, you’ll probably want a shortcut eventually.


Hi @PuddingtonBeer

Thanks for the suggestion! I’m looping in @rossmoody from the design team for his thoughts :slight_smile:



@PuddingtonBeer Hiyah, Ross here on the product team. We really agree with your sentiment here. This is one of quite a few low hanging fruit improvements we have planned to make the Brave Rewards ritual more enjoyable to use (and not quite so hidden feeling). Appreciate the feedback and if you have more as you use it, lemme have it.


Thanks for the acknowledgement. On a similar note, I remember feeling the same way about how difficult it was to get to bookmark management. Again I concede that it’s a bit of a secondary function once you’ve got them organised the first time, but I remember thinking about this from the perspective of someone who - at the time - was resistant to the thought of enabling the bookmark bar. More recently, having found it oddly difficult to access bookmarks in other browsers with the bar disabled, I’ve finally given in and enabled it. Still, it’s strange to have a comprehensive bookmark management interface buried in Settings when it could be linked to the button in the top left corner, perhaps another right-click function.

I’ve noticed that both the bookmark and payments buttons at the top respond with a kind of flash and focus state change when right-clicked, just as the refresh button does, except the latter actually has right-click functionality. Perhaps you guys have already thought ahead and simply haven’t implemented it yet.


For the record, I’d still prefer to have a tiered dropdown, perhaps from a right-click on the bookmark button, to reveal all my bookmarks without the need to lose screen space to the bookmark bar. If the bar only has a few items on it, it looks bare and awkward, and takes up valuable space on smaller screens. Reducing the bar to a single item provides the dropdown functionality but leaves the rest of the bar empty. Removing the bar means you can’t access bookmarks at all without digging several levels into the main menu dropdown. The MS Edge implementation is the cleanest I’ve seen recently, Firefox a close second.


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