Make it easy to make Brave Search the default search provider with Chromium policy

I’m building a Linux desktop SOE and am hoping to get Brave Browser in. While I’ve configured Brave using policy as I liked, the browser ironically defaults to using Google Search.

I presumed that as “Brave” is a pre-defined search engine in the browser I could just do this with the json policy format I’m using:

"DefaultSearchProviderName": "Brave",

However it doesn’t work. It appears that I am required to define all of the DefaultSearchProvider fields from Chromium Policy as if I was adding a brand new search engine which didn’t already exist in the browser.


  1. Could you please make it easier to make Brave search the default search using policy?
  2. In the short-term could someone please provide a complete example of how to do by defining every ‘DefaultSearchProvider’ Chromium policy field?

Thank you!

PS: For point 2 I’m talking about all these Chrome policy fields:

  • DefaultSearchProviderAlternateURLs
  • “DefaultSearchProviderEnabled”: true,
  • DefaultSearchProviderEncodings
  • DefaultSearchProviderIconURL
  • DefaultSearchProviderImageURL
  • DefaultSearchProviderImageURLPostParams
  • “DefaultSearchProviderKeyword”: “br”,
  • “DefaultSearchProviderName”: “Brave”,
  • DefaultSearchProviderNewTabURL
  • “DefaultSearchProviderSearchURL”: “{searchTerms}”,
  • DefaultSearchProviderSearchURLPostParams
  • DefaultSearchProviderSuggestURL
  • DefaultSearchProviderSuggestURLPostParams

EDIT: Changed SearchURL from to{searchTerms}. See it’s non-trivial!

Thank you!