Make gone, "Leaving already?", Creepy, stalker, INTRUSIVE, AN-F-U-TO-PRIVACY in-website pop-ups when you're about to close the tab

The in-website pop-ups that say stuff like “leaving already?” when you’re about to switch tabs or close the browser or the website, should be made gone, please!

They ARE VERY INTRUSIVE and CREEPY! It does NOT feel very private at all, if they can monitor me like that!

I always wondered, is it the javascript in the page that receives an event like document.on(‘close-tab’) ? how does this feature work ??

Dude, what the… you just wrote in the title. I broke my neck trying to read it.

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Do you have an example of a website that shows this kind of popup?

I’ll let you know when I find it again. Does Brave block these pop-ups by default? Because, I came across this in an in-private tab, but don’t remember the website.