Make a Brave tile for Windows 10's start menu ("Pinned tiles")

Brave is awesome so that it deserves a decent tile on Windows 10’s start menu; which it has not actually, sadly.

Windows 10 users know it, there are 2 ways to start a program:

  • From that old (and ugly) “Start program” menu
  • From that new (and nice) start interface consisting in pinned tiles and called as such

What would be great would be to have a legit and dedicated tile of Brave for that menu. It would be using the 2D icon version with a background color different from the icon so that for designers/developers, it would be easy to make it available in small and medium size.

If developers have time, they would allow the tile to be live like for Windows Mail for example: it could display the impressive stats of contents blocked by Brave, like in the New Tab screen of Brave browser.