Major Bug in Dark Mode Android

Currently the ‘System theme’ is applied which is dark mode.Background is white and rest is dark.This happens all the time…Please fix this Bug

Are you using the Dark mode theme in Settings --> Appearance or are you using the experimental Night mode theme?

I was using Only Dark mode…

I’m not able to reproduce this – when I enable dark mode, the browser appears as it should:

It does not happen always…sometimes only

If you don’t use the System theme and instead change it to Dark mode in the browser, does the issue persist?

I have not tested it yet in dedicated dark mode.Always have been using it in “system default”.

Right – can you please test that and see if the issue persists?

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ok i will…

i have posted a video …did you see that? glitch video

One thing at a time please. Let me know what you find out when testing the above.

ok…i will tell you if it happens.

@mattches it’s happening again in dark mode only also

after quitting the last tab, the image of the last tab retains

as you have said…

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Okay so just to be clear, the issue that you’re reporting here is the white space that appears behind your tabs/tab groups when you click to open a new tab, correct?

yes… that white space and stucked tab even after the last tab was closed (2nd video).
These two problems happens at the same time.

I will log the dark mode issue in Github for the developers to review. For the second issue with the tab getting stuck, I’m not sure I see any issue here. Are you expecting the browser to close after closing the last open tab?

If so, you can change this behavior by going to Menu --> Settings --> General --> Closing all tabs closes Brave and toggling this option “on”.

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No i am not expecting the browser to be closed after the quitting the last tab. Just the Photo(or instance) of the last tab retains,like a glitch (even if there is no tab opened)

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