Main reason why Brave isn't allowing to withdraw BAT

Crypto is dying, Brave uses our IP’s to harvest regular cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, etc) then it gives us BAT which is their own crypto but with less value and is only supported in this medium.

The recent news show that the prices are going downwards, showing the explosion of the bubble maintained by the speculation of this “assets”.

So, to conclude, Brave seems that isn’t longer profitable to harvest crypto by our expenses due to the drastic price change and in a desperate move just blocks us.

Seems like this scheme is showing his true face,

No, they don’t. Try to research and figure things out rather than throwing out fake information and claiming it’s real. If you don’t like Brave, that’s fine. But saying it does something that it doesn’t…

As to the rest, you just double down on it. Hopefully you can go educate yourself on how things work.

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