Mailto: handlers

I cannot find settings/handlers as offered by hanschristian in his post…

@EvanP Which ones? I mean, if you type in brave://settings/handlers it literally takes you to it.

Otherwise it’s Settings → Security & Privacy → Additional Permissions → Protocol Handlers

If referring to be able to add mail handlers to it, that supposedly is done by the site itself. So I went and removed gmail from that listing. Then I went to gmail and on the right hand side of the address bar, I saw an icon that (when I hovered mouse over it) showed as below:

Untitled - Paint 9_4_2022 8_36_20 PM

They were saying you need to find sites that want to install handlers and it will show there. Though I’m not sure what sites do it. I tested with and I didn’t see that. Definitely will see if we can loop @Mattches into this and see if he has any better answers on that aspect.

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Thank you very much…;o)

Most known email clients will initiate this prompt — icloud may be a little weird, but I was able to see this prompt for protonmail, gmail, and Yahoo mail after testing.

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Thanks, but with Brave defaulted to Outlook and Outlook doesn’t

Apologies but can you please elaborate a bit? I’m not entirely sure what you mean by your last comment. Also are you referring to the Outlook website or the app on your system?

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